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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Utilities Of GPRS Enabled Cell Phones

The new age cell phones with their advance Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS, GSM features have brought a positive revolution to today`s communication world.
One of the best communication technologies that has ever been invented, cell phones are more than a necessity today. With the rapidly changing technology, cell phone has changed beyond recognition from technological as well as aesthetic perspective.

While earlier cell phone was used for basic communication purpose, the new age mobile with latest features and technologies double up as glamour items apart from their basic uyour GPRS enabledtilities.

To fascinate consumers, cell phone manufacturers keep adding new technologically advance features along with the glamour quotient. Now-a-days, many varieties of cell phones with their futuristic designs inadvertently arrest your attention. Any major technology you name today, and it`s available in this new age cell phone.

Apart from attractive and sleek look, cell phone also carries a sea of advance features. Starting from music storage facility to camera and video recording feature, from Java games to Internet connectivity including the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPRS; cell phones these days are full-fledged gadgets that have multi-tasking usability.

What is GPRS?

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is one of the latest technologies incorporated in cell phones. It is a new non-voice mobile technology that allows the cell phone to get connected to the Internet in a faster and cheaper way. In other words, your cell phone can go on-line with it.

Unlike current digital wireless Net connections, no dial-up modem is necessary in GPRS service and it is ten times faster than current GSM networks. You can connect to the Internet at speed up to 171.2 kilobits per second (kbps) with GPRS enabled cell phones. Also you need to pay only for the data you transfer and not for your entire login time.

GPRS enabled cell phone lets you enjoy continuous wireless connection to Internet even when you are on the move. You can now get instant access to your favorite web sites, entertainment services and other web applications. Also, gaming is no longer restricted to the basic snake games. You can seamlessly download and enjoy all types of Java-enabled games.

Apart from the latest on-line games, here is a list of what you can do with this new cell phone technology

Remote LAN access:

You can access to different information types namely email, intranet, databases through the remote LAN setup feature of your GPRS enabled cell phone. The speed and latency of it make the date transmitted through remote LAN really fast.

Easy email access:

With constant Internet connectivity, checking Email on the enabled cell phone is really easy. What`s more, the alert mechanism of this new technology when linked with email service, will notify the users when a new email is received.

Web browsing:

You can enjoy faster browsing of Internet through the GPRS activated cell phone. With its document sharing and collaborative working feature, many people from different locations can work on the same document at the same time.

File transfer:

While downloading or transferring files, the info available could be one of the Internet communication methods such as telnet, FTP, HTTP, Java or from a proprietary database or legacy platform. The file transfer process is bandwidth intensive. However, the GPRS enabled cell phone`s high speed
flow across a mobile network makes it really fast, no matter what type of file you want to transfer.


Thanks to your GPRS enabled cell phone, now you don`t need to set up your own group for chatting. Now you have access to all existing Internet chat groups and can join any of your preferred groups dedicated to cell phone users.

Images and video:

Your cell phone when activated with GPRS allows posting photographsFree Reprint Articles, greeting cards and even video presentations from a digital camera connected to a GPRS radio device directly to an Internet site.

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